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Tuesday Tunes #001


Music plays a big role in my creative process.  It helps me set the mood to start working and a good playlist always keep the tempo up while I work. Every Tuesday I will be sharing my collection of music that I listen to while designing. I hope these songs will help evoke your creativity.

First up is "Supernova" by Giulio Petrone aka The Eighth . Giulio is also a digit artist like me but he has branched out from his design career and have started his music career. He doesn't only rap but he also works on the out of the world album artworks. "Supernova" is the second single from Giulio. Here what he have to say about the track.

" When I wrote Supernova, it was how to dig my soul. Supernova is a mood that haunts me every day, a continuous test, a fight between me and my life. I speak of my nocturnal struggle of my glycemia, because I have diabetes since I was 17 and totally changed my life. Supernova is the sequel that made me change for the better, has made me stronger."

Listen to the track below.


Artwork by Giulio Petrone

Check out more of Giulio's works HERE.


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